Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Day

The girls Christmas dreams came true and Santa brought them (very hard to find) Dragons. Olivia is very pleased with their "screaming death!

Santa also brought Charlotte this alligator puppy. She named him Snappy and absolutely loves him as you can see.

Awesome Lego set. It must be all the rage with 7 year old girls since we found out two of her friends also got the same set.

Olivia was very excited to get a doll like big sissy has, They been having a great time with them.

Grandpa made this amazing doll table and chairs. It has since been used daily for tea parties, stuffed animal birthdays and dinosaur and dragon get togethers.

Poor Bandit was all worn out by 10am.

Maybe it was all that necklace chewing.

On his last visit Chip brought some wooden toys he must have spent all night making. 

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Andrea said...

looks like a fun Christmas for the girls. Those dragons are so cute! I bet Eddy would like them. Charlotte looks so grown up in her Christmas skirt.